Disability Claims: Why They’re Commonly Denied and What To Do

When you are struck with a serious medical-related problem, your safety net may be none other than your disability insurance benefits. So, if your claim ends up getting denied, you may feel as if your life is completely over. Luckily, if this has happened, don't lose your very last ounce of hope. Once you can figure out why you you've been denied, you can likely make the necessary adjustments and then resubmit your disability claim. Read More 

Understanding Personal Injury Damages In Ohio

Personal injury lawsuits are quite common, as far as lawsuits go, but they can also be somewhat complicated to the untrained eye. After all, you need to know the general structure of such a lawsuit, how the court proceedings will go, and what laws your state has regarding lawsuits. To help you build a better lawsuit, here is a specific overview of how damage caps work in personal injury lawsuits in Ohio: Read More 

Does Your Landlord Have To Pay For A Slip And Fall On The Rental Property?

When most people think of slip and fall cases, they imagine someone suffering a fall in a public place, such as a grocery store. However, slip and fall accidents are not confined to public spaces. You could even fall at home. If you suffered a slip and fall at the home or apartment you are renting, here is what you need to know.  What Do You Have to Prove? A slip and fall case is viewed in a similar fashion as other personal injury cases. Read More 

Make Sure You’re Prepared For Your Record Statement With The Insurance Company

Shortly after an accident, the insurance company representing the negligent party will reach out to you requesting a statement concerning the incident. Don't take this lightly. Although it's a seemingly, innocent phone call everything you say on this call will be used in the investigation of the incident. One inaccurate statement can literally harm your entire claim. Make sure you're prepared. Know Your Rights Remember that the recorded statement can occur on your terms. Read More 

Daycare Injury: Understanding Duty Of Care And How A Breach Can Lead To A Personal Injury Claim

If your child was injured in a daycare setting, you're likely wondering whether the injury was caused by negligence or was simply an accident that couldn't have been foreseen. Below is an outline of duty of care, how duty of care is breached, and how a personal injury attorney can help you to determine whether you have a negligence case or not. What is Duty of Care? When you bring your child to their daycare facility each morning, there's an unspoken rule that your child will be cared for and kept safe within the bounds of reason. Read More