3 Circumstances When You Should Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Most people know they are entitled to some benefits if they get injured at work. However, very few employees fully understand the terms and conditions of their workers' compensation coverage. Also, most don't know which injuries are covered by the plan and the terms and conditions they should fulfill when filing for benefits. Most importantly, many people don't know the ideal time to hire a lawyer when pursuing a claim. Here are three circumstances when you should engage a lawyer in the compensation process. 

The Employer or Insurer Claims the Injury Happened Elsewhere

You should know that your employer or insurer can claim your injury happened outside of work if you sustain a minor injury but wait too long before informing the proper authorities. Further, if you keep working while injured, you risk worsening the injury. Note that if this happens, your company or insurer may try to argue that the initial problem did not happen on the job. In addition, this can happen if a worker contracts a sickness due to exposure to harmful substances, but it takes longer to report.

You Can Sense the Insurer Is Stalling the Process

Talking to your boss right away is the right thing to do if you get hurt on the job. Further, you must file a written report and keep a copy for your files. If you do this, your employer must ensure you have the appropriate forms, file a report with the state board, and make a claim with their insurer. If they do this, there shouldn't be a delay in response. Hence, you can tell that the employer or insurer is playing hardball with you if there is no response for a specified period. In such cases, hiring a workers' compensation lawyer is the best way to handle the problem.

You Have Injuries That Are Not Covered or You Have Preexisting Condition 

If your doctor suggests a treatment your insurance carrier doesn't offer coverage for, your claim will likely be denied. Furthermore, your insurance payment may be lowered or even denied if your provider determines that you do not need the recommended therapy. As such, the provider might try to pin your recent discomfort on a preexisting condition if there is reason to assume you were already experiencing problems with the affected body part before the workplace injury.  In such a case, an attorney can assist you in compiling the necessary evidence to show that the condition didn't cause the injury.

These are situations where the guidance of a workers' compensation attorney will help you get a fast resolution for your claim. So, speak to one close to you and ensure you get a settlement that is rightfully yours for sustaining bodily harm at work.

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