Don’t Ruin Your Accident Compensation Using Social Media

There are few people that don't use social media in some form every day. People post both positive and negative things on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites and most of the time, it's harmless and fun. However, posting on social media sites after an accident could seriously damage your case. To find out how that could happen, read below.

Accidents, Trauma, and Support

It can be awful to be hit by a careless driver and end up with injuries. An accident is undoubtedly a traumatic experience and coping with the stress and anxiety afterward can be a challenge. That is why it seems like the right thing to do to seek support by posting on social media. Your posts will likely garner questions, personal experiences from others, and lots of sympathy.

Privacy Is an Illusion

Even if your personal injury lawyer advises you to refrain from posting about your accident on social media, you might do so. That is because many posters are under the impression that what they post is 100% private due to their security settings. Those settings, however, mean nothing at all in the face of a subpoena. If the at-fault driver's insurer wants to know what you posted, the judge is likely to agree. The higher your damages and the more serious your injuries, the more you have to lose by posting on social media.

How Problems Emerge

Even if you are careful about what you post, things can be easily misconstrued and taken out of context. Take a look at just a few instances when an accident victim unknowingly damaged their case with a social media post:

  • A victim purposely minimizes their injuries to spare loved ones and friends from their true nature.
  • An accident victim posts inaccurate facts about the way the accident occurred.
  • The victim is shown in photographs enjoying themselves on vacation days after the accident occurred. It doesn't look good even if the victim is in pain at the time.

Who Can You Turn To?

Avoid posting on social media and turn to real-life friends and family members you can trust. If you are encountering stress due to the trauma of the accident, speak to a mental health professional. Another person you can trust and that will support you throughout the process is a personal injury lawyer. Place your trust in them, and they can guide to toward being paid the compensation you deserve.

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