First Steps To Take Following A Motorcycle Accident Caused By Driver Neglect

When you have kids and you choose to ride a motorcycle, it's more than just your life on the line each time you ride. Unfortunately, a lot of the drivers sharing the road with you don't think about much more than where they're going — they give little thought to the rider on the bike or the family that they could be taking the rider from. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident that could have been avoided had the other driver been paying attention, there's a good chance that you can hold them legally and financially responsible for the incident. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you figure out your next step.

Talk to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Do your best not to discuss the accident with anyone until you've talked with a lawyer. If you make the wrong statement to your motorcycle insurance provider, that statement could be used against you when you are trying to prove your case. Until you talk things over with a lawyer, keep all communication with the doctors, your workplace and the insurance company to a minimum. After you hire a lawyer, do not provide the insurance company with any information beyond what they're asking, and if you're uncomfortable answering their questions, you'll have an attorney's contact information to pass on to them.

Gather All Documents                                            

You'll need to gather all documents that will show that the bike was registered, insured and inspected if your state requires it. You'll also need to provide all evidence of loss of income and the medical bills that you've had to pay out of pocket.

Gathering all of these documents can be time-consuming. For a full list of the documents that you'll need for the case, talk with your lawyer. He or she will be able to furnish a document requirement list for you to refer to as you collect the evidence.

Talk with the Family

You may not realize just how much the accident may have impacted your family's mental health. If you have little kids, the kids might now worry about you leaving the house — they may have a hard time sleeping at night and they could spend their days worrying that something else terrible is going to happen to you. Make sure that you're talking with your family and listening to what they're feeling. You might not be the only one requiring medical treatment to get through this difficult time.

Talk with a motorcycle accident lawyer. The driver that has taken so much from you must be held accountable, and a lawyer can help make that happen.

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