3 Things You Need To Understand About Personal Injury Claims

Injuries happen more often than you might think. Whether it be that you fell in the parking lot of the dentist office or you were in a car accident, you cannot always predict when an incident is going to occur. Regardless of where the injury happened, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. However, there are a few things you need to understand about your personal injury case to make sure you have a full understanding of what to expect.

Injury cases can take quite some time to resolve.

Oftentimes, people assume that their injury case is going to be resolved fairly quickly and they will be able to move on with their lives. However, that isn't necessarily the case. It can take quite some time before any final settlement is reached with the insurance company. This is largely in part to the fact that you don't want to take a settlement offer until you have an idea of how long the recovery process is going to take and what expenses you are going to incur along the way.

You can claim more than just medical bills in your injury claim.

Even though the majority of your claim might be for medical bills, you are allowed to claim far more than just that on your personal injury claim. You can also claim things like lost wages, prescription costs, mileage to medical appointments and the pharmacy, the cost of any special equipment you had to purchase and much more. Your lawyer will be able to go over all of the extras with you to make sure nothing is left out of your claim and you get compensated fully for your injuries.

You don't have to give anyone a statement until your lawyer is there with you.

Insurance companies will often try to get you to give them a statement. However, you are not required to do so. Wait until your attorney, like James Lee Katz, is there with you and you are able to answer the questions without being on any medications. Certain pain medications can cloud your judgement and leave you in a fog. You need to have a clear head when you are discussing the case with the insurance company. It is always better to wait until later on in the claims process.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect during the claims process, you can focus on recovering from your injuries first.