When Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

When you're injured at work and can no longer work because of it, workers' compensation is there to help. Yet, the process of applying can often be an arduous task, depending on whether or not your employer decides to work with you. In these sensitive cases, hiring an attorney might be your best bet to safeguard your future. Here are some reasons to hire a lawyer when making a workers' compensation claim.

Your Injury Is Severe Enough To Require Surgery

It's no secret that insurance companies are reluctant to pay for claims; as such, your workers' compensation claim might become much more difficult in the event of serious injury. Hiring a lawyer, like those at the Shoap Law Offices, can drastically improve your chances of receiving compensation from your employer's insurance company, since the insurance company will have the pressure of possible legal action taking place if they don't comply. If the injury is severe enough, your lawyer might even be able to sign you up for a disability claim should you be unable to return to work for a long period of time.

You Don't Understand The Filing Process

Lots of legal scenarios can be absolutely daunting to the average person--workers' compensation is no different. Your employer probably has a better grasp of the law then you do, so being caught unaware of the laws in place can give your employer a huge edge over you in the process. Being uninformed can be rather costly, as your claim can end up being denied or substantially smaller than it should be. With a lawyer, however, you'll be protected from not knowing whether or not a settlement is good deal or not. 

You Are Punished By Your Employer For Injuries

Under absolutely no circumstance should you ever be fired from being injured on the job, especially if it is a recoverable injury. So, if your employer is taking punitive actions against you after an injury, you can often seek legal recourse. Granted, your employer might not outright fire you, but if they start cutting your hours or sending you home early against your will often, you can also use the help of an attorney to fight a company trying distance itself from you. 

Your Employer Is Disputing Your Claim

A lot of the time, your employer might fight against your case legally, citing that you're not entitled to benefits. This is well within their rights, but at the same time, you are not powerless to fight back. By hiring a lawyer, you can properly represent your case and get the best chance of having a settlement in your favor. 

So, if your workers' compensation claim isn't working out like you feel it should for any reason, hiring a lawyer is in your best interest.